2. Seven Villages Trail

From the capital of the island HORA we'll drive to KURUNOCHORI where we will begin our pleasant walk through the village to the small neighbouring village of MILI with it’s lovely waterfall and small chapel!

As we walk towards the 1st Kouros statue which has been waiting for us since the sixth century before Christ, we will have occasion to talk about what makes Naxos so very special – the local flora and fauna and the culture and traditions of Naxos island.

A true rural hills and valleys hike that will take you back in time since before Christ. We will also see the second Kouros statue before we leave them to sleep.

«Discover Naxos nature, the village settlements of Kourounochori, Mili, marble Kouros statues, Potamia, Kalamitsia, Jesuites Monastery and Melanes. A natural museum of monuments revealing a historic Naxos.»


Hiking Guide

After visiting the two Kouros Statues we continue on marble tracks to the triple village of Potamia, ( Ano, Mesi, Kato ) and all its characteristics including a stream that meanders between them. We then walk through Olive groves and vines to the hidden Jesuits Monastery at Kalamitsia, another opportunity to reach for the camera.

Our final destination is Melanes Village where we will enjoy a lunch break before returning to Chora.

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During your walks, you will hear the legends, stories, history about our land and its people and you will feel closer to the real concept of Greek culture!

Stella is a certified guide
by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens