5. Kinidaros (riverbed) - Eggares

Firstly we go to Kinidaros Village where our hike starts, walking through the village we go up some stairs to our left, past the elementary school until we leave the village behind us.

Following a farm road and a sidewalk which leads to the riverbed, this hidden Oleander Paradise is an ideal place for us to pause awhile.

I must add a word of warning that whilst Oleanders are pretty they are also known to be extremely toxic, even to touch.

When ready we will continue partly along the river bed and also ancient paths until we reach the second special place. Break Time to enjoy the rather nice company of the “River Turtle Family”.

«A lovely Trek along different terrain including a riverbed, its passage towards the sea and its life sustaining occupants.»


Hiking Guide

We continue into an intense aromatherapy stroll collecting Oregano and Thyme until we reach Eggares close to the northern shore.

We will be picked up from here and return to Chora.

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During your walks, you will hear the legends, stories, history about our land and its people and you will feel closer to the real concept of Greek culture!

Stella is a certified guide
by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens