1. Koronos to Lionas Bay

Koronos is some distance from Chora (The Main Town) so it is necessary to drive from Chora to Koronos by car. On the way we will drive through beautiful villages and spectacular scenery. Once reaching Koronos, a traditional village, we will start our Hike walking along a marble path built by the locals heading towards Lionas and its natural bay/harbour.

As we approach you will see a remarkable contrast to the West coast, no sand but an amazing pebble beach, each pebble a unique creation. The rolling waves and pebbles become instrumental in the “Sound of the Bay”.The incredible hues and clarity of the water invites us to swim and snorkel whilst others may prefer to beachcomb for the pebble of their choice.

«A popular choice for many to see the East coast, combining Mountain and shore and a very different way of life. “The chosen Pebble” »


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Fresh fish and local food is served with a friendly welcoming smile at any of the authentic tavernas.

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During your walks, you will hear the legends, stories, history about our land and its people and you will feel closer to the real concept of Greek culture!

Stella is a certified guide
by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens