4. Moni - Kaloxylos - Halki - Apano Kastro - Potamia

Together we travel to the centre of the Island to Moni where our hike will begin. Exploring the flora and fauna of this region we will follow the old marble trails to the next village of Kaloxylos.

Aromatherapy Herbs such as Lavender, Louisa, Lemon and Verbena surround us, the fresh clean air has a perfume, you sense you are far away from urban pollution. The trail leads us through fertile land, Citrus, Pomegranate, Plum, Cherry, Fig, Olive and Grape are managed to reap a rewarding harvest. Transiting the Tragea plateau we reach the quaint, charming village of Halki, an ideal location for our first refreshment break.

Here we have the opportunity to visit the Kitros museum owned by the Valindras family. It is the oldest distillery on the Island and you are able to sample their famous beautifully coloured liqueurs.

«Explore the heartland of the Island, a fertile plain, An aroma of herbs, Historic Churches amongst Picturesque undulating scenery.»


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After our break in Halki we will continue walking through a magnificent more barren landscape, during this stretch we are able to see the upper fort of “Apano Kastro” and also a panoramic view of Chora.

After a short walk we reach our next and final destination Ano-Potamia where we will have time for a light lunch and acquaint ourselves with new friendships before returning to Chora (Naxos Town).

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During your walks, you will hear the legends, stories, history about our land and its people and you will feel closer to the real concept of Greek culture!

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