Naxos Private Tours

Naxos Private Tours

My name is Stella Korre and I organise private hiking tours in Naxos

I come from Naxos, and I live in the village Sagri.

Since 1988 I have been working in tourism on the island.
I speak English, German and Italian.

I love hiking and offer both guided and hiking tours on the island!

On page 227 of Michael Muller Verlag’s guide of Naxos , you will find some information about “Walking with Stella“.

While hiking, I like to report on historical events and do my best to share with you the basic concepts of Greek culture, lifestyle and tradition. You will also hear about the local legends of Naxos that my grandmother shared with me and about the healing properties of the different plants we will come accross during our walks.

I believe this will make your stay on the island more interesting and meaningful!

Walking on Naxos  is a fantastic “all five senses” experience!

Knowing about plants herbs and the healing powers!

You will experience the rich nature of our island!


Contact us now and reserve your private hiking tours in Naxos.The paths we follow are easy to walk.Feel the Greek culture by exploring Naxos like a local,the most unique experience for your holidays!

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