Let’s go together to the village where the Moni Hike begins!

On foot we will follow the old marble paths to the next village of Kaloxilos .

Lavender,louisa, lemon verbena aromatherapy,surround us

as we walk through this fertile region of olive groves,past the Tragea plateau to the quaint

and charming village of Halki which was once the most important town on the island !

Situated in the center of the island, Halki is the ideal location for  our first refreshment break!

There we also have the opportunity to visit the  Kitros museum owned by the Valindras family .

It is the oldest distillery on the island and you will be able to sample their famous beautifully colored liqueurs ….
After our break we will continue walking through a magnificent but more barren landscape,

with a view of the upper fort. On top of the hill -a panoramic view of Hora, a very varied landscape indeed !
Another short walk until we reach our next destination Ano Potamia, where we have a light lunch .
After about an hour break, we head back towards the capital hora.

Duration: 3 hours & 45 min. walking time.
Total transfer time : 45 min.

Degree of Difficulty:

*On the map above you are not seeing the path but the points we are going to pass by during our walk.

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