From the capital of the island HORA we’ll drive to KURUNOCHORI where we will begin our  pleasant walk  through the village to the small neighbouring village of MILI with it’s lovely  waterfall and  small  chapel!

As we walk towards the 1st Kouros statue which has been waiting for us since the sixth century before Christ , we will have occasion to talk about what makes Naxos so very special – the local flora and fauna and the culture and traditions of Naxos island.

During this walk we will walk to the 2nd kouros statue, passing through several quaint and rarely visited villages .

After visiting the two Kouros statues our path continues on marble walkways to the village, “ANO POTAMIA”.We will then walk from “MESI”middle to “KATO POTAMIA”. A beautiful walk through stream , where we will enjoy our lunch break!Our tour ends with our return back to HORA – we will have visited today many quaint villages and discovered historical monuments from antiquity to the Venetian period !

Estimated Hiking Time : 3 hours & 34 minutes

Kurunochori - Mili - Kuri - Potamia

Degree of Difficulty: